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Corental designs and manufactures

We design and manufacture from the Biobío region Hydraulic Scissor Tables, Lift platforms for trucks, trucks, trains and self-propelled; filtering equipment, compacted presses and component manipulators. We work for mining, forestry and companies that require work at height. Dispatch for all Chile and abroad.

Ground Level

Scissor platforms to be mounted on trucks, trucks, self-propelled. They are used in maintenance, height repairs and surveying work.

Scissors Lift Table

Plataformas de levante

Scissor lift tables are manufactured for different applications and loads ranging from 200 to 10,000 Kilos, heights from 700 to 2500 mm, and where the action of raising or lowering can be manual, automatic or combined.

Filter equipment

The filtering units are manufactured to achieve the cleaning codes required by the production equipment, these include units in drag cart, with electric motors, internal combustion or pneumatic pumps

Hydraulic crusher

Our line of compaction presses has a machine designed specifically for the reduction of specific materials, in different capacities and systems such as manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic

Universal Quick Hitch

The “Component Manipulator” is a maintenance support team, designed to safely handle components in your truck fleet. Its objective is to reduce the maintenance time of your machinery and protect the maintenance team from forced and hazardous work.

Automated access and Other equipment

In order to have fast and secure access to mobile equipment, our company has designed different automated accesses to improve access to the operator’s cabin.


Rental of work equipment

The vehicles for the lease are equipped with lift platforms HA-500-E, which allow with confidence to perform work at height and with all the safety standards required by current legislation.


Within the solutions offered by Cofadi Rental, we include training in the subjects of our specialty. That is why we offer courses with theoretical and practical development, combining both aspects through conceptual presentations and practice in the field.

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