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Rental of work equipment

The vehicles for the lease are equipped with lift platforms HA-500-E, which allow with confidence to perform work at height and with all the safety standards required by current legislation.

Equipment certification

All equipment manufactured by our company meets the standards required by current legislation and if the customer requests it or is a requirement within their organization they are certified by a competent body (Cesmec) and its validity is one year.

Equipment maintenance

As a manufacturer of equipment we are in a position to carry out revision, maintenance and change of components if necessary of the equipment to be inspected, leaving these in optimal conditions for its proper functioning.


Within the solutions offered by Cofadi Rental, we include training in the subjects of our specialty. That is why we offer courses with theoretical and practical development, combining both aspects through conceptual presentations and practice in the field.
Within these courses companies can quote:

  • Training and induction for work equipment at height
  • Training in oil filtration systems
  • Training in photovoltaic solar systems
  • Training in basic and applied hydraulic oil systems
  • In addition to Predictive and Proactive training of hydraulic oil systems

Turning service

Cofadi Rental has the ability to offer the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders according to the requirements of each client and the use that they will give, these can be designed by the company or drawings delivered by the client, can be double effect or simple.

Engineering and development

Over time our company has been perfected in the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment, to meet the requirements of underground mining or open pit, also has actively participated in the design, re engineering, installation and maintenance in hydraulic oil systems and Lubrication in the Mining, Industrial, Fishing and Forestry area

Predictive maintenance

Incorporate a control mechanism to detect and anticipate processes of wear and sudden failures in oil and hydraulic lubrication systems, application of ISO or NAS International Cleaning Standards through Particle Counters, Chemical Physical Analysis and quantify performance and status of pumps through Hydraulic Oil Tester.

Proactive maintenance

Implement solutions that guarantee a total, absolute and quantifiable protection to your production team, which attends to the problem of internal and external contamination, thus avoiding premature wear processes, studying the failures that occur and proposing solutions that prevent them from recurring .

Reparative maintenance

Our company, through its personnel and equipment, is qualified to:
Preventive and reparative maintenance of pumps, motors and hydraulic elements.
Flushing to pipes from 8 to 100 millimeters.
Oil recovery.
Change of pipes or components.
Elimination of leaks in connections and components

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